Original music in balance between tradition and innovation

  • Do you need original music for your VIDEO?

  • Are you looking for an impact soundtrack for your FILM?

  • Would you like powerful music for your ADVERTISING?

  • Have you listened to many but are you still not satisfied with the RADIO JINGLES they have proposed to you?

  • Are you looking for an innovative musical accompaniment for your APP?

  • Do you want to add the right music to your VIDEOGAME?

  • Would you like to add really strong musical elements to your THEATRICAL SHOW?

  • Would you like to explore new territories with your MUSICAL CAREER?

  • Do you feel that something is missing in your ARTISTIC INSTALLATION and have you just noticed that it could be a musical element?

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Music that suits your environment

  • Are you looking for the right AUDIO SYSTEM and the ideal MUSIC for your STUDIO, your OFFICE, your WAITING ROOM?

  • Would you like to charm the ears of the customers of your SHOP?

  • Are you thinking that the MUSEUM can acquire further value with the right musical choices?

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New and different outfits for your music

  • Would you like to enrich the MUSICALITY of your SONG?

  • Do you feel the need to give another SOUND to the music you play?

  • Do you feel difficult to manage DIFFERENT INSTRUMENTS and their CONCATENATION within your compositions?

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All documents supporting your music.

  • Do you need the MUSICAL TRANSCRIPTION of your SONG to file the COPYRIGHT but you don't know where to start?

  • Do you need SHEETS for your MUSICAL GROUP?

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When I tackle a job I enter it with all my heart, I look for information, I fill my gaps in knowledge and I always keep an attitude of constant research active.


During all phases of the work, I keep communication with the client active in order to proceed together and continuously keep in mind different points of view.


I always keep active and constantly updated

the network of professionals with whom I collaborate and compare myself.


I make available all my knowledge built over the years, even those that go beyond the musical world. These skills and knowledge are constantly updated, I never stop researching, learning,

explore new territories of human knowledge.


Much of my work I dedicate to actively listening to the client, probing his intentions, desires, representations, ideas.





Milano - Italy


+39 345 477 24 76

Milano - Italy

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